Do you spend a lot of your summer up in Lake George? If you're like me, then you probably stare at all of the people who can go out on their boats whenever they want. You can be that person too with this boat sharing program.

If you can't afford a boat, check out the Freedom Boat Club in Lake George. It's like Airbnb, except you're not staying in someone's house, you're driving their boat around Lake George. According to Spectrum News, I'm not gonna lie, the membership is a little steep but it's definitely cheaper than buying, maintaining, and docking your own boat up there.

To be a member, you have to pay a $5000 initiation fee and then choose and annual plan from $3100 to $3800 with unlimited access to their boats. You don't have to worry about fueling or storing the boat for the winter and in that alone you'll save money.

Right now they have seven boats available to the current 42 member families but that's doubled from last year and they expect it to double again this year.

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