I had no idea that there were rules to membership at the Grand Ole Opry!  But, you learn something every day!   And, I'm sure you've heard your favorite country artists saying the highlight of his or her career was joining the Grand Ole Opry.  But according to LORRIE MORGAN, most of them aren't living up to their end of the bargain... they aren't following the cardinal rule!  Which is a promise to perform there 24 times a year!  24 times!  That seems like a lot!

BLAKE SHELTON is one of the slackers and Lorrie told our friends at Taste of Country that she'd like to put him over her knee!  "He's gonna get a spanking.  When I see him, it's over for him.  'Blake, you better look out, buddy.'"  Yikes!!

She said the Opry does put out reminders, for what it's worth, she said, "They send a letter that says, 'We are kind of demanding that you must be here so many times a year to continue your membership.'"

Come on Blake!

Here's a video of him receiving a fifth of whiskey for his fifth anniversary -

And here's a video of Blake performing at the Opry.  No wonder Lorrie wants him to come back all the time!


I'm sure the Opry would love to enforce that rule, but I also think they turn a blind eye.  It's impossible for the bigger stars to get back there that often.  Most of them tour for months at a time.  And Blake has to be in Hollywood to sleep with GWEN STEFANI.



Plus, it was just last fall when the Opry fawned all over his five-year anniversary by presenting him with a "special" fifth of whiskey.

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