Guilderland police are saying several residents have recently reported black bear sightings.

Usually, bear sightings are reserved for super rural areas like the Adirondacks, right?

According to a Times Union report, police say the bear has been spotted ' the Fort Hunter area, specifically on West Lydius Street and the area around Fuller Station Road near its intersection with Carman Road just south of I-90.'

Police recommend securing garbage and bringing bird feeders in if you live in the area. They are also asking if you spot a bear to please report it by calling (518) 356-1501.

And if you do see a bear, remember to keep your distance, especially if there are cubs around. For tips how to deal with a bear encounter, you can visit the National Park Service website here. Many of their tips deal with encountering a bear in the wild, including how to react if you come into close proximity with one of the animals.



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