We usually see this scene playing out at the Glenville Railroad Bridge. But this time around, it happened in Clifton Park.

I am not a big rig driver, nor would I ever have the focus to safely navigate a one down winding back roads or on the freeway. Drivers need to have laser focus and be nimble to react to any situation, and I do not envy them having to deal with crazy drivers weaving around them. But this one seems like an obvious miss.

Carlton Road in Clifton Park was shut down on Tuesday evening when a tractor-trailer tried to pass thru the railroad overpass between Kinns Road and Van Patten, according to a post on the Town of Clifton Park Facebook Page by town Highway Superintendent Dahn Bull. Bull attributed the accident to the big rig veering off of recommended truck routes for the area.

Now, as I wrote above I am not a big rig driver but this one seemed like a pretty obvious time to hit the brakes, no matter what the recommendation for the route. Let's be honest, I would have a better chance of squeezing my dad-bod into a pair of skinny jeans than this truck pushing through this tiny tunnel. Trust me when I say both are terrible ideas. Look how crushed that truck is below in the photo!

That said, we all have bad days at work. Let's hope the only things hurt here were the rig, the bridge, and maybe an ego.


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