All we can say is "Ouch, poor Bethany."

Today on the morning show, Bethany and Nick decided to join a lot of people around the world who are giving up things for Lent.

For six weeks, Bethany and Nick will give up one thing. It sounds easy but the wheel has several things that many people give up for Lent each year.

Some things on the list are cheese, meat, alcohol, deodorant, coffee, bread and our personal social media pages.

Today we gave it the first spin. Bethany landed on coffee. I'm terrified to work with Bethany 8 hours a day when she doesn't have coffee.

I landed on "negativity". My required task is to do something nice for someone everyday.

What a bummer? I'm kidding. I'll start being a shining late immediately. Let me go find an adult lady to help cross the street or maybe I can help bring in some groceries.




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