This pregnancy announcement is so funny!  And so adorable I had to share it!

I feel like announcing pregnancy's and the sex of a baby have become true events!  Couple head to Pinterest to see the cutest ways to announce their pregnancy, or find a cute way to reveal whether its a boy or a girl!  Don't get me wrong, these are cute ideas!  But this couple, I think wins the award for best pregnancy announcement!

If you are a Jimmy Fallon fan, you have seen him play the "Whisper Game".  It's really fun! One person has the headphones on with music blaring so they can't hear what the other person says.  Now, the other person simply states what he want's his partner to repeat mainly by reading lips. So, if you combine the Whisper Game and this couples pregnancy announcement, you get this amazingly touching video

! Now the Mom seems to catch on pretty quick, I think maybe because women "mouth" things to each other all the time and also because when your daughter whispers "I'm Pregnant" , it gets a Mom's attention. The Dad in this video however is all about the game and dog gone it , he's going to get the answer if it kills him, turns out it did the opposite.

Take a look - I know you will find it as awesome as I did!

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