As summer rolls in and you just can’t seem to crank the AC high enough, it’s always nice to know exactly the best places to go swimming . Between public pools and not-so-public swimming holes and waterfalls, here’s our list! - Oh and if you're looking for places to cool off that don't involve swimming, then check out the list our sister site Crush FM has.

  • Via flickr user pag2525
    Via flickr user pag2525

    Million Dollar Beach

    Lake George, NY

    Million Dollar State Beach has only a parking fee so despite it’s name it won’t cost you that much money. There is also a ton of stuff to do at Lake George so after some time on the beach perhaps you can head over to Neptune’s for some after beach fun. By the way - no inflatable devices are allowed on the beach.

  • City of Albany
    City of Albany

    City of Albany public pools

    Albany, NY

    We are very fortunate that our local cities and towns offer a system of pools that are open to the public. The City of Albany has the best setup as well - including spray pools for the little ones. Your best bet is the Lower Lincoln Park Pool - it’s pretty big and located just steps from the Capital Plaza.

  • Via flickr user Planet Pixel
    Via flickr user Planet Pixel

    Tubing on the Battenkill

    Cambridge NY / Arlington VT

    Tubing rocks - especially on the Battenkill. Nothing says “awesome summer day” than floating down a lazy river. Plenty of places where it’s deep enough to swim along the way too, especially a few places under covered bridges. Best stretch is between Arlington VT and just below Cambridge NY. Bring along anything that floats - a pool float or rent an inner tube from one of the dozens of places along the river that offers them.

  • Waterslide World
    Waterslide World

    Waterslide World

    "Come on baby let's slide, slide slide"...Catchy jingle- check. Family fun - check. Just a quick drive to Lake George and you’ll be having a blast at Waterslide World. It was always a huge treat to be able to go hang out here as a kid and why not inspire that same nostalgia in your child?

  • NYS Dept of Parks & Rec
    NYS Dept of Parks & Rec

    Grafton Lakes State Park

    Grafton, NY

    We picked this one as our top choice for a number of reasons - a big one being it’s “in the country” without having to travel too far to get there. Grafton is about 15 minutes outside of Troy and offers a great setting for summer fun. Aside from the swimming you can enjoy a sandy beach, or maybe take a walk around the lake on one of the many trails at the park. Additionally there are picnic tables and pavilions for get togethers. You’ll have a great day in Grafton!

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