Spring has sprung and back road driving time is officially here. What are some of your favorite roads to cruise on? Here are some of mine.

When boredom kicks in and the weather is nice there is nothing like rolling down the windows and driving on your favorite roads. One of my favorite things about the Capital Region is that it can be very desolate just 30 minutes off the beaten path. I love a lot of roads that surround Troy, born and raised there.

If you want some good scenery nothing beats Reservoir Lake Road from Pittstown / Raymertown area over to Melrose / Schagticoke.

Another road I personally love travelling on is Route 147 from Scotia to Galway.

Sometimes the roads that we travel on everyday just get too monotonous, so maybe on a Friday you don't have too much going on or want a more scenic path home. Take an alternative route.

What is your favorite driving road in the Capital Region?

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