A legendary, New York fatty food is getting a bad rap!

When you think of any food that is well known as a New York staple, which one would you guess is 'loathed'? I would think none of them! From New York City to Buffalo to Schenectady and all points in between, New York is known for many great foodie destinations. From great Italian food to greasy spoons to more local dishes like Utica Greens, the garbage plate, Buffalo wings, and mini hot dogs, there is little to be disliked. So who is loathing a legendary New York staple?


New York Favorite Named Most Loathed Food In America


The fitness and healthy eating experts at Feastgood recently surveyed 3,000 dieters nationwide to determine which foods were the hardest to give up. So these foods are not necessarily loathed for their taste and flavor, but for the level of difficulty when it comes to avoiding them!

The 5 top-ranked foods on the list include:

  • 1. Vermont ice cream
  • 2. Fried chicken from Kentucky
  • 3. Philly Cheesesteaks
  • 4. Massachusetts chocolate chip cookies
  • 5. Deep dish pizza from Illinois

And landing at #17 on this list from New York?


The beloved bagel with cream cheese. While it is tasty and satisfying, that carb load and fatty cream cheese spread certainly create a challenge for those trying to lose weight. Though in that scenario, you would figure a greasy pizza or a load of pasta with meatballs and cheese would create a much more 'loathsome' challenge for those trying to watch those calories!

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