The area near Madison Avenue and Quail Street in Albany was the scene of a rollover accident on Wednesday afternoon.

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Some barbers from Sammy Styles Barber Shop, a nearby barber shop, dropped their scissors and clippers and ran out to help the 22-year-old woman whose arm was bleeding, and was pinned between the vehicle and the ground.

Ramiro Cortez was the first barber that ran to the jeep and tried to lift the vehicle. It was too heavy for his attempt. He yelled for help at some of the people standing in the crowd. As he looked around, he saw many people taking pictures with their phones and not willing to help him.

Another barber, Hector Benitez saw that his co-worker was having a problem, and ran over to help him lift the jeep to help free the woman.

In the story from News 10 ABC, when the emergency crew arrived, they took the woman to Albany Medical Center. According to Albany Police, the woman tried to change lanes, but then noticed that there was another vehicle in that lane. As she swerved back into the lane she was in, she lost control of the jeep and struck a parked car.