This sounds like it is right out of a script from "Desperate Housewives". The former Governor of California and past action star of the big screen dropped a bombshell on his wife Maria Shriver.

After leaving the position of Governor in California, Arnold told Maria that he had fathered a love child with a housekeeper that the couple had employed for 20 years. He told Maria that he fathered the child 10 long years ago. The female housekeeper who is still not named has since retired from her position back in January after 20 years of service to the couple.

She takes the word "service" to the next level, and as a result Arnold is "terminating" his marriage. He should do a new movie and come up with a cool new catch phrase in it like, "I won't be back". The former Terminator star and his soon to be ex-wife have 4 children of their own. WOW! Me and Arnold have something in common, we both have 5 kids. I could never afford a housekeeper though.

Here's Arnold Schwarzenegger from the timeless film "The Terminator" with his famous catch phrase "I'll be back".

And to set the mood of the big news in tinseltown here's the big hit from the Supremes "Baby Love".