Am I lazy?  Probably.  Not as bad as some,  I'm sure.  I do know I have two speeds, go and nope.  I dropped a pen the other day and literally sighed and thought " Ugh, I really don't want to bend down and pick that up. Could it have fallen any further away from me? Jeesh."  Seriously, if a genie had just popped up just then and granted me three wishes, I would have used the first one on the pen.  Is that bad?  Or how bout the fact that the biggest milestones I wait for with my kids isn't their first word, or first step.  I love it when they can hold the bottle themselves and when they understand the phrase, " Can you please get Daddy a beer from the fridge?"  Hey, Don't judge, I just told you I say please.

But what I really hate is when I can't be lazy because the people who are around me are much better at it.  That seems to be the deal at work.  This becomes very apparent in the break room. It seems to me that I am the only one who knows how to open the new sugar and creamer containers, and make a new pot of coffee when the old one is done or to old too enjoy.  We wont even get started on the attributes of cleaning the counters from time to time. I know I'm tall, maybe I am the only one that can reach them.

The problem is, that i NEED the coffee more than everyone else.  I think they have learned this.  I often think they go into the kitchen, see the pot low and think,  "well if I wait long enough, Sean will make another pot, problem solved."  I lose.

Here is the audio from this morning when this happened to me again.  Or are you too lazy to press the "play" button? Look at it this way, at least you don't have to read anymore. UGH, there is soooo many words!

God Bless.