I've gotten several messages  from people in Rexford, NY.   Is that in Saratoga County? I know so little about it.   I definitely would like to know more. In fact I would love to write a theme song for it for this week's  Your Town Thursday.

I do know the Rexford bridge very well.  I travel it a lot as I make my way out of Niskayuna, using it as an alternative to the wretched traffic on the Northway lately.

Rexford Bridge
Google Earth

As I drove over it this past weekend, I looked out onto the Mohawk River and you have to admit,  it's a very nice view.   That  made me pick my brain a little to remember whether I've ever written a song about the town or not?   It doesn't seem like it, so I'm open to any suggestions. Please give me some information whether funny or factual and I will try to create a song for this Thursday's edition of the Sean and Richie Show.

You can leave the info on the WGNA Facebook Page or to my email - Richie@wgna.com








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