Last weekend I wrote about J. Crew and Ann Taylor closing their Crossgates Mall locations. Well, there is another closing to add to the list.

I don't know whether to think of this negatively, or to just think of it as a sign of the times. I mean, online shopping is king right? Either way, today I read about another Crossgates Mall store getting ready to close up shop. According to the Times Union, Matthew's Hallmark is closing this month. The mall announced last week J. Crew and Ann Taylor will also close in January.

But as I wrote earlier, Iis this a negative? I like to think of it more as an evolution of shopping.  As many shoppers now buy online, to me it seems more of a natural shift for malls. And if you walk around Crossgates now, there are a lot of cool new establishments, many of them entertainment destinations, which are great. Places like Lucky Strike and 5 Wits offer super fun things to do, with the ease of access and parking at the mall. More new establishments are coming too, including Waxy's Irish Bar

Plus, there will always be some stores as there will always be some demand for them by those who still love to shop in person. A new Zara apparel store will be replacing the J. Crew and Ann Taylor.

And online or in person, as long as that money is being spent somewhere to keep the economy moving, that is what really matters, right?

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