The Academy Station branch of the U.S. Post Office is on the list of a possible closure. If this happens this would be the fourth branch in Albany to close.

I did a blog about when the Pine Hills branch was going to close, back in April. This was on South Allen Street. The Academy Station branch, which is at 563 New Scotland Avenue, was one of the alternative locations that people were told to go to if they needed to use the post office. Because of that, the Academy Station branch became much busier.This is right across the street from St. Peter's Hospital. Besides the Pine Hills branch, the Patroon and Delaware station branches were the ones that closed.

The U.S.P.S. is looking at closing the Academy Station branch in 2013. This will allow them more time to weigh the pros and cons of actually closing it. That would include whether it’s making a prophet or not. The two clerks that work at the branch will be assigned to other branches, so at least they won’t lose their jobs.

There was a public hearing held by the U.S.P.S. on Tuesday night, and the residents that live in the area that use this branch, let them know that they are not happy about the closing of the branch. People let the officials know that this branch is a safe and convenient branch, especially for the retired and elderly residents of the area.

If you use this branch and would like to comment, you have until December 8 to mail them to 30 Karner Road, Albany, N.Y. 12288-9996. I feel bad for the people that use this post office branch on a regular basis.