This one could get me in trouble but I saw this story about a guy who showed up to audition for the Miami Heat Dance Team and all I could think was , why? The video is getting a ton of hits and I admit the guy is a good dancer but why would you even show up to audition when you know it's an all girl dance team? Does he really want to force integration on the team? How obligated should the Miami Heat be to give a "fair shot" to this guy when the dance team is specifically geared toward entertaining their primary audience, men?

Listen don't get me wrong I am all about equality, especially when it comes to business and the majority of all jobs in America can be done equally well by both sexes. I just think there are certain jobs that I PREFER a certain sex do and the business itself may even be based on that. Hooters waitresses for instance, listen if I'm going to Hooters it is for a reason and its not the wings, if I had a man come up to my table in hot orange shorts I am probably never going back.

What about massage? I am sure a man would give an incredible massage but I personally am not comfortable with it, I prefer a female is the one who rubs oil on my back. Does that make me a bad person? Probably but I am just being honest in a politically correct world.

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