I am a huge sports fan. I'm not just talking about the Yankees, The NY Jets and the Buffalo Sabres. I am talking about any sport at any time. I am that person who can watch any sporting event from beginning to end without even a team to root for.

I will give you the perfect example as to why I think I have a problem. While I was on vacation, I watched the NCAA basketball tournament. Ok that one can be justified but after watching hours of the tourney, I found NCAA lacrosse. I don't even know all the rules but I was intently watching Syracuse take on Duke. Who does that? If that's not bad enough, I have been known to watch European soccer matches, bowling tournaments and even a rugby match or two.

Forget when the Olympics roll around (both summer and winter). I find myself watching sports like curling and synchronized swimming. I am talking about sports that the US isn't even competing in.

So yes I recognize I have a problem. I guess that's the first step. Jenn wanted to get rid of cable and even suggested one time I record a live sporting event. She only suggested that once. She gets it, or maybe she doesn't. I just can't help it.

Oh look! There is a college baseball game on. Gotta run, catch up with you in four hours.

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