Turkey Day is upon us, and it could end up being one of the coldest on record.

All I gotta say is, if you put beer outside in a cooler Thanksgiving Day to keep it cold, you could end up drinking some beersicles this year!

According to the Weather Channel, we are in store for a very cold Thanksgiving Day here in the Capital Region. The forecast is calling for plenty of sun, but a high of only 21 with a low of 4! For Black Friday shopping you can expect cold weather too - more sun with a high of 28. Things will get a little more seasonable Saturday and Sunday with temps in the low 40s and showers for the rest of the weekend.

So what is the coldest Thanksgiving on record in Albany? You have to go all the way back to 1901 when the high temperature was only 19 degrees according to the National Weather Service. The record high for Turkey Day in Albany is 67 degrees back in 1933.


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