The snow from our blockbuster December snowstorm has already disappeared in many areas. Will we get more to kick off January and the New Year?

Looking outside it is hard to believe parts of the Capital Region had over 30 inches of snow recently, but a mix of rain and mild temperatures over the last week pretty much washed it all away. If you are craving more snow already, our next winter weather system will not be enough to replace the huge snowfall we had, but some wintry conditions will arrive with 2021 on Friday.

According to the Weather Channel, Upstate New York can expect a wintry mix of rain, ice and snow on New Year's Day. This storm is still being tracked and no real accumulation is being predicted at this point, but it is looking like Friday could at least be messy on the weather front. That said, this is something to keep an eye on. Remember with the last storm how weather models predicted a foot of snow? Look what we ended up with! A mix of ice and snow is in the mix this Friday, and maybe more or less depending on Mother Nature's whims. We will keep ya posted as this one develops later in the week!

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