Enjoy the milder weather while it lasts because later this week you will definitely need that winter jacket for most of December!

While it has gotten chillier here in the Capital Region over the last few weeks, it has not been terribly cold yet. That changes later this week! According to Accuweather,  an Arctic Blast of air will descend on the Northeast midweek, and this will not be short lived. This blast of air is expected to hang around at least until the first day if winter December 21 with temperatures 5 to 10 degrees below normal. Brr!! So now is the name over the next few days to wrap up any work outside the house, because come mid week - you won't want to be doing anything outdoors.

Accuweather says this colder weather could in turn lead to some snow here in the Capital Region. Which would not be the worst thing in a world. I think we'd take a spell of cold weather for a good chance at a white Christmas, right?

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