It's another ranking that has solidified the state capital  as an amazing place to live.

Add another feather in the cap for Albany. The Financial Word recently ranked the top 11 places to live in New York, and Albany landed at #2 on their list (White Plains is #1 on the list).

So why such a high ranking for Albany? The Financial Word cited several factors that make Albany so desirable:

  • Affordable housing
  • Residents are well educated
  • Lots of history
  • Close to nature
  • Great restaurants and music scene
  • Good schools
  • And more!

Ya know, when you look at all those pros listed above, it does really make you appreciate everything Albany, and the Capital Region in general, has to offer. And it turns out Albany was not the only Capital Region city to make the list. Saratoga Springs landed at #11; the Financial Word based this ranking on based on it's '...many attractions, including museums, festivals, old architecture, statues, parks, and more.'

Bottom line, it's good to be a Capital Region resident!


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