The Sidney Albert Jewish Community Center in Albany is one of several on the East Coast that received bomb threats earlier today.

According to News 10, police are saying the threat was a hoax. The other east coast threats were also fake. But that did not keep it from becoming a scare. 300 people, including many children, were evacuated just before 10am when the threat came in. News 10 says police checked the building and everyone was able to go back in an hour after the threat.

News 10 says Community centers in Newton, MA and Hartford, CT also received threats today, and 16 others got threats in one day last week. Adam Chaskin, Director of the Sidney Albert Center, told News 10 the threats would not '...deter their mission of peace.'

Good for Adam and everyone at Sidney Albertt - there is no better way to overcome people trying to generate fear than sticking to a positive message. It's stuff like this that always makes me think 'Can't we all just get along?' Maybe one day that will be answered with a resounding 'YES!'

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