We have a lot of races in the Albany area with some of them being more major than the others but all equally important. Here are the results of the races that have been called. We will be updating the data as new numbers come in.

Please note - these are projected based on return data and an average of what other media have called in these races. None of these results are official and will be updated as needed. 


Town Council: Reinhardt (D)


Town Board: Rowley (D)

Town Board: Haak (D)

East Greenbush

Town Justice: Donnelly (D)


City Judge: DiMezza (R)

NY Assembly 106th district:

Barrett (D)

NY Assembly 110th district:

Steck (D)

NY Assembly 113th district:

Jordan (R)

House 20th district:

Tonko (D)

House 21st district:

Doheny (R)

NY State Assembly 107th district:

McLaughlin (R)

NY State Assembly 108th district:

McDonald (D)

NY State Assembly 109th district:

Fahy (D)

NY State Assembly 111th district:

Santabarbara (D)

NY State Assembly 112th district:

Tedisco (R)

NY State Assembly  114th district:

Stec (R)

NY State Assembly 118th district:

Butler (R)

NY State Senate 43rd district:

Marchione (R)

NY State Senate 44th district:

Breslin (D)

NY State Senate 46th district:

Amedore (R)

NY State Senate 49th district:

Farley (R)

NY State Senate 51st district:

Sewar (R)

Rensselaer County

Court Judge:

Young (R)

Family Court Judge:

Cholakis (R)

Legislature District 1:

Pavlic (D)

US Senator NY State:

Gillibrand (D)

US House of Representatives

Gibson (R)

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