As a result of social distancing recommendations offered up by the CDC, Halloween in the Capital Region will look a little different on Saturday.  Some area homes are simply leaving their lights off in an attempt to keep trick-or-treaters away this year, while others are creating ways to keep the tradition and Halloween spirit alive.

In preparing for a Halloween-themed segment with Kristi Gustafson Barlette from the Times Union, we couldn't help but notice that some of the creativity was, well...wicked cool including this idea from Catherine Calamari Galcik of Loudonville.

She told the GNA Morning Show that she recently moved into their new neighborhood just a few months ago, and as the mom of 3 young boys, she didn't want to deny them the excitement of Halloween. Her previous home, she added, never got any trick-or-treaters but they anticipated that their new home in Loudonville would.  So they improvised.  Using carpet tubing from some rugs they recently purchased, they attached the tubing to to the top of their front porch, and created pulley action with some rope.  They then lowered the tubing over the bushes and tested it out to make sure the bags of candy made it through the 11 foot chute where it would land safely into bags.

On Kristi's Facebook page, Catherine Calamari Galcik added:

"We made goody bags last night therefore the candy and goodies inside will have been quarantined for 4 days before handed out and we're sending them down an 11' chute to trick or treaters. Here's a pic of us testing it out over the weekend, we just have to decorate it!"

Photo: Catherine Calamari Galcik Facebook
Photo: Catherine Calamari Galcik Facebook


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