CBS just aired the two-part documentary series "The Case Of: JonBenet Ramsey" on Sunday and Monday nights. Leading into the two night special I believed I had a clear idea of who I thought did this horrible act.

I thought it was Burke, JonBenets then 9-year old brother. Did the special change my mind?

I honestly thought this was such a good break down of the case itself. You see these other shows that speak of the tragedy and just give you the general facts that we've seen and heard so many times before. Not this special.

This one gave us an insight on how the officers and investigators really do things. How they take a piece of evidence and really break it down and rule things out, or maybe it leads them to an unexpected discovery.

Example: the original 911 phone call with Patsy Ramsey. It turns out the 911 operator, Kim Archuletta who was never even called to testify in court for the grand jury has always felt uneasy about the call. A frantic Patsy calls 911, speaks with Archuletta and thinks she's hung up the phone, but she hasn't. Voices can be heard and in 1997 they were too faint or inaudible to understand. 20 years later, still garbled, technology has advanced enough to clear some of the noise and allow the investigators to really take a good listen and try to decode what's being said and possibly by who.

Now it would take me forever to type and explain exactly what they figured out from this recording, but you can watch above. Within this video, you'll see they believe a third person is heard; A smaller voice maybe? They concluded that it very well could have been Burke. The kicker is that the Ramsey parents have always said he was upstairs asleep during this time. So, if this was in fact him, this changes things greatly.

There was another demonstration that proved a previous demo inaccurate by Boulder Detective, Lou Smit. His theory was that an intruder broke into the house through the basement window and exited the same way. However, crime scene photos show that within that window was an intact cobweb in the bottom corner. For someone to get through that window, the area would have been disturbed and the spiderweb ripped down completely.

They believed the actual murder weapon was a flashlight found at the scene, in which no one had claimed within the family however, it is known that John Ramsey received one from his older son as a gift. It is also believed that a 9-year old boy couldn't physically commit this crime based on size and weight. So, they recreated the moment of cranial impact with a young boy and said flashlight. It created the same fracture shown in the scans of JonBenet.

If I wasn't completely convinced before that Burke has something to do with it, I was getting close to it.

There are two more bits I want to mention. The first being, if it was Burke the question leads to why? Why did he do it? There is a theory that the family returned home from dinner at a friends house around 9:15pm that evening. JonBenet was asleep, so John Ramsey brings her upstairs and tucks her in. Before Burke was to call it a night, Patsy Ramsey prepared him a favorite snack: pineapple and milk. It is thought that while Burke was eating, JonBenet woke up, proceeded downstairs and snagged a piece of the pineapple angering her brother. He lashed out and the rest is history.

This would lead to a cover up by the parents who are now not wanting to lose both of their children. So what about that ransom note? Investigators go over it sentence by sentence but the most telling part is its length. When trying to recreate the letter, it took them over 21 minutes to replicate. Imagine how long it would've taken the original "intruder" to create if unsure what they're writing next. Wouldn't an intruder want to get out of there as quickly as possible after murdering a little girl?

Needless to say, I think it's pretty obvious where I'm heading here. My initial thought on who did it hasn't changed. If anything it has been solidified. There are even more reasons to go along with what I've mentioned, but you'd have to go back and watch the entire 4-hour special, which if you're intrigued by this kind of stuff, I'd highly recommend. The special was, to some very weighted in their opinion though they encouraged the viewer to come to their own conclusion. Regardless, Burke is upset and maybe, if innocent, rightfully so and is possibly getting set to sue CBS.

I'm curious what your thoughts are and who you may be leaning toward? Do you think it's within the family? Do you believe an intruder was in the home?



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