If you are a leaf peeper, you may want to plan that Adirondack foliage trip a little early this year.

It's that time of year. Pumpkin flavored everything, apple picking and you have probably noticed the leaves have already started turning colors a little bit. And if leaf peeping in the Adirondacks is your thing, this year's colors will be peaking early.

According to a New York Upstate report, color change has already reached 10-15 percent in the Adirondacks. The region usually peaks in late September and Early October, but with drought conditions this summer peak is expected to happen a little early.

As you know, we have had the opposite of drought conditions here in the Capital Region which could have the opposite effect on peak colors here in our backyard. Don Leopold, who is a SUNY a botany professor, told New York Upstate the rain and warm weather can essentially extend the growing season. This will in turn will delay the trees shutting down and foliage changing color. So it looks like the peak foliage in the Capital Region will be a little late this year!



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