Sometimes I have to be honest, I think what in the world has happened to society. The news is full of horrible stories about horrible people doing horrible things. That's why I just love a story about someone who cares about others and goes out of their way to help another person out. We had an amazing example of that today on the Sean and Richie Show.

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A Local teacher named Katelyn contacted us about a Father in her school. It seems he has been driving his twin 5 year old girls to school on an electric bike that he had made a home made carriage for , where his daughters would ride. It was working for him, and after he would drop the girls off, he would use the bike to get to odd construction jobs that he could pick up. She explained to us that he is a good Dad and she felt horrible because someone stole his bike. I know, who would do that?

She was saddened by it and wondered to us if there was anything she and us could come up with to help this guy out. Maybe raise some money for a new electric bike. I was compelled by the story, and more so, her genuine caring for these girls and their Father. So I had her call up and tell the story on the air. Sometimes with our listeners you just have to put a problem out there, and they somehow find a way to make things work out.

It was a "Hail Mary" if you will but sure enough one of our listeners totally stepped up to the plate. She didn't want her name out there, we just know her as, Beverly. She called up and said not only did she find a new bike for him at but she also found a REAL riding carriage for the girls and she insisted they would also need helmets as well. Not only did she find all of this on her own, but she also demanded to pay for it all, and get it TODAY!

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I gotta be honest, while we really didn't DO anything but facilitate a wonderful listener helping another human being, I kinda feel really good about it. We had a chance to talk to the man and tell him about what this woman wants to do for him and I truly think he was shocked. Perhaps he even thought it was a prank. I know this, the teacher called us back afterward and said that he was overwhelmed and did actually cry a little bit before he left the school today.

So I guess this is one time I'm glad we all could make someone cry.

If you didn't get a chance to listen today, here is the story and call form this mornings show: