"The young people today just don't care about anyone but themselves. These kids have a sense of entitlement that will bring the country to it's knees." These are the kind of comments you see these days about our youth. I'm not here to argue the merits of such statements, but I would say that if you want to see good in the world you just have to look for it. Unfortunately it can be hard to find some days so I figured when I saw this story , even though it's not world changing, I would share it.

I saw the story on News 10 ABC and it was really just a short snip-it on their webpage so I thought I'd share it as well and say to these kids, "Hey thanks for caring and yes, you are noticed."

Schoharie County Sheriff’s Office will now have some cute furry stuffed animals to help children who have seen frightening events or been displaced. The Middleburgh Central High School chapter of the National Honor Society collected about 200 stuffed animals to donate to the Sheriff's office. I love it.

Is it a world changing event , no but these kids saw a need addressed it and helped others. Is there any more that we need from them, or anyone?

Thanks kids!

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