I think no matter what time of day you are being forced to trek out into our winter wonderland today, the roads most likely won't be very visible.  Steve Caporizzo's morning forecast said the winds are suppose to carry in to tomorrow and if they are anything like they were this morning, I think I may have been safer riding a horse to and from work.

Today's morning commute wasn't too bad thanks to the plows getting out nice and early.  However, the visibility was terrible because of the wind and snow drifts blowing across the road.  There were definite moments of my commute that were easily deemed white out conditions.  With no one else on the road, but the plow trucks and me, it was very hard to decipher where IN the road I was driving.

I will say the only good part of all this snow for me is that it makes great outdoor riding weather with the horses.  When most snow first hits the ground, the temperature is warmer plus, the snow is light and fluffy, which equals nice, soft footing for the horses (provided they don't have shoes on their hooves).  Tonight however, the ground will get too cold turning our lovely snowfall to ice beneath the layers of snow.  Almost comparable to the type of weather/snow you'd rather go skiing or sledding in.


If you're looking for my recommendation,  when trying to go out in the today's weather be sure to give yourself ample time to get to where ever you're going (whether on a horse or in a car) and be sure to where something to cover your face/neck.  Whether riding horses, shoveling, or walking anywhere, the wind really burns  and does not feel so great.  Just sayin' from experience.

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