When most people think about Easter Sunday, they’re not usually thinking about crime, but a small, local business was robbed on Easter, March 31, 2013.

Faldonis Deli
Google Street View

Faldoni’s Delicatessen And Catering at the corner of Park Avenue and Route 32 in Mechanicville was broken into, and had thousands of dollars stolen from it.

In a story that I saw on Newscenter 10 ABC, the thief or thieves broke a window in the back of the building. They took about $100.00 from the register and also stole a safe that contained several thousands of dollars from four days of business.

This is a hardship that took its toll on this mom and pop business. John Falco, who owns the deli said that “this isn’t a reality he ever thought that he’d ever have to deal with.” Falco and his business partner plan on making a few changes including having a security system installed, and some policies for leaving any money inside the business.

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