Last week there was a horrific house fire in Gloversville, N.Y.  These stories are never good, fire is such a life destroying entity. Even after all the flames are extinguished there is so much that can never be recovered, or replaced. The best that you can hope for if this sort of tragedy ever befalls your family ids that everyone gets out safely.

We all know that firefighters are heroes. I find there dedication and bravery to be very inspiring. Sometimes there are others who also have to take up the mantle of "Hero" before the fire company can get to the flames. In this case it was a 12 year old girl, who in the face of panic and danger, took the time to get her siblings out of a burning house.

I for one am so proud of her, having been in a couple of house fires when I was a child I can tell you the panic and fear is overwhelming. NO one would fault her for just running out of that house and hoping that some "adult" would be there for the younger siblings, as a kid you expect that. She however kept her head, relied on herself and got her 4 year old brother, and 2 year old sister to safety.

Here is a great video of her being honored by the Mayor of Gloversville, Dayton King.


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