When it comes to getting a ticket, having your license plates properly placed is probably the last thing on your mind.

As it should be, your top priority is following traffic laws to avoid getting a ticket and making sure your vehicle is technically up to snuff to safely navigate the road. Once you get those plates on your ride, as long as they are visible, you probably do not give them a second thought. But, there are several ways not properly displaying those plates can get you a ticket here in New York. And for an infraction that seems minor, could score you a not-so-minor fine.

Rosenblum Law says the 9 license plate violations below could lead to a ticket and fine of up to $200.

9 License Plate Violations You Can Be Ticketed For In New York

Believe it or not, there are several ways your license plates could get you a ticket if they are not displayed correctly. Some are obvious, others not so much even if you think your plates are perfectly visible to law enforcement. Here are 9 things to watch out for so you can avoid a ticket for a licence plate violation, according to Rosenblum Law.


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