See the laws that basically make Halloween, finding a date and more random everyday stuff illegal.

This is a topic I have written about before: weird and ridiculous New York laws. But, if you keep digging you'll always find more oddball laws on the books! So, it's a topic we can revisit over and over again. Here are a few more doozies on the New York law books that I recently discovered at


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    Halloween Is Basically Illegal

    According to Dumb Laws, 'It is illegal to congregate in public with two or more people while each (is) wearing a mask or any face covering which disguises your identity.' This basically adds up to Halloween being illegal, right?

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    This Is Why We Have Elevator Music

    This is another odd one from Dumb Laws. It is illegal to talk to anyone on an elevator! Cue up the soft jazz to break the awkward silence!

  • Brett Rabideau/ThinkStock
    Brett Rabideau/ThinkStock

    Good Luck Finding A Date

    Dumb Laws says flirting in public could result in a $25 fine. Which could make finding a date a little costly, but if you find love, $25 would be a small price to pay, right?

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    This Is Why We Use 'The Bird'

    This one from Dumb Laws is classic, and may explain why the middle finger has become a go to 'salute.' It is illegal in New York greet another by 'putting one’s thumb to the nose and wiggling the fingers.'

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    Thinkstock / Jacek_Sopotnicki

    Stating the Obvious

    Last but not least, this one pretty much states the obvious. 'The penalty for jumping off a building is death.' Of course it is!

    To see more Dumb Laws in New York, click here!

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