strikes again. Recently I blogged about a list of New York towns that were great to raise your family in, and the Capital Region didn't fair as well as I would have expected. We all know there are some wonderful communities around here to raise your kids.

Well, just like we were convinced that Niche's list of communities was wrong, I'm sure you'll find this list a little disturbing as well: the "Best Public Elementary Schools in New York."

Here are the top 25. Spoiler alert: Capital Region Schools didn't do so hot.

1 George A. Jackson School  Jericho, NY

2 Robert Seaman Elementary School  Jericho, NY

3 Cantiague Elementary School  Jericho, NY

4 Fox Meadow School  Scarsdale, NY

5 Edgewood School  Scarsdale, NY

6 Lakeville Elementary School  Great Neck, NY

7 Quaker Ridge School  Scarsdale, NY

8 Greenacres Elementary School  Scarsdale, NY

9 E.M. Baker School  Great Neck, NY

10 Greenville School  Scarsdale, NY

11 Seely Place School  Scarsdale, NY

12 Osborn School  Rye, NY

13 Heathcote School  Scarsdale, NY

14 Shelter Rock Elementary School Manhasset, NY

15 Saddle Rock School  Great Neck, NY

16 Midland School  Rye, NY

17 Bronxville Elementary School  Bronxville, NY

18  Mamaroneck Avenue School  Mamaroneck, NY

19  Munsey Park Elementary School  Manhasset, NY

20  Douglas G. Grafflin School  Chappaqua, NY

21  Roaring Brook School  Chappaqua, NY

22  Westorchard School  Chappaqua, NY

23  Milton School  Rye, NY

24  South Grove Elementary School  Syosset, NY

25  Wampus School  Armonk, NY

You know what? Frankly I'm not sure why I'm surprised. Westchester County did really well, Long Island did really well. Lots of small communities with lots of money. Duh, right? Blue collar communities probably can't compete, and inner-city schools don't stand a chance.

Sure, if you can afford to live in one of these elite neighborhoods, your child can enjoy some of the best elementary schooling in the country, but what about the rest of us?

What do you think about this list?

Do you find it hard to believe? Are you bothered by it? What can we do about it?

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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