If you are considering hiking or mountain climbing in New York State you better be prepared. The challenges of places like Katterskill Falls, Salmon River Falls and Devils Path in the Catskills are not to be taken lightly.

The Adirondacks High Peaks are even more intimidating when you consider how remote these locations are and there is already 6 inches of ice coating some of these peaks. Here what happened to 2 different hikers in 2 different locations endured after breaking their legs at about the same time.

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HIKER 1 - Sunday October 30th - 1:30pm

New York State DEC Rangers received a report of a hiker with a lower leg injury near the summit of Mount Marcy. The Rangers teamed up with New York State Police Aviation in an attempt to reach the 40-tear-old woman with severe injuries.

This hiker from New Jersey slipped on ice as she was descending from the summit. The woman slid 30 feet, crashed into a rock and fractured her leg. Rangers placed the woman in a harness and flew the patient to Adirondack Medical Center for surgery.


HIKER 2 - Sunday October 30th - 3:40pm

Ray Brook dispatch received a request for Forest Ranger assistance for a different hiker with a leg injury near the Saddleback Cliffs in Keene, NY. The same Rangers, Lewis and Praczkajlo, flew with Pilot Kotronis to the location. A 69-year-old man from Latham, NY needed to crawl to a safe location before being rescued.

This hiker had slipped on an icy and muddy slab, broken his leg, and suffered a cut to his calf caused by a spruce root. Rangers lowered down to harness the subject, hoisted the hiker and then flew the patient to Adirondack Medical Center for surgery.


DEC officials report that both hikers had microspikes, but with ice measuring approximately six inches thick, crampons and an ice axe are suggested to help avoid falls. Without the help of NYSP Aviation, these two rescues would have taken many hours, delaying medical care for the two patients.

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