I love a good news story and this is really a great one. Sometimes I like other people, openly complain about a lack of desire and work ethic that many young people have these days, not so with this kid.

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This 18 year old, Jhaqueil Reagan of Indianapolis, has not has things easy. A couple of years ago he had to quit school to take care of his Mom who had cancer. He had since gotten his G.E.D. but he has had a hard time finding and keeping a steady job because of his lack of experience and not graduating high school.

So last week he found out that a thrift store was hiring, and even though he was 10 miles from the store, he decided he would walk, in the snow to the interview  because he could not afford the bus. What happened on the way no one could have expected.

You may also be happy to know , when the bus company heard about the story, they gave Jhaqeil a year's worth of free bus passes.

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