New York is getting ready to kick-off an initiative to bring the arts back across the state.

According to a Times Union story, a series of 100 "pop-up performances" will start taking place next week across New York featuring some big name artists. The Times Union adds some big names like Chris Rock, Alec Baldwin, Sarah-Jessica Park and more will be among the musicians, comedians and actors featured in these pop-up events. Except for a kick off event February 20th in New York City for healthcare workers, the state will not be announcing in advance when or where these events will take place to keep large crowds from gathering.

Governor Cuomo did announce recently the state would like to kickstart the arts and live performances in February, and this series will fill the bill. it will be interesting to see exactly what these performances could be here in the Capital Region, and who will appear. More specifically for you and I, we have to wonder if any Country artists could be a part of these unannounced shows. I suggest you keep your eyes open in the coming months for what could be some big name surprise events here in the Capital Region!

According to the Times Union, Governor Cuomo's hope is this string of events will lead to more in the future at " theaters and public spaces with the use of testing and vaccinations." Lets hoe by the time we get to 100 performances, this series leads to a whole lot more!

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