There are many insecurities out there in the real world.  Most importantly, there's at least one insecurity each of us have had at one point or another in our lives.  It could be related to your job, your significant other, maybe a family member or friend, or maybe even your looks and/or body.

Of course there are ways around these insecurities.  Sometimes we confront them, say by working extra hard so our boss would never dream of letting us go.  Maybe we treat our significant other and best friend so well, they would never dream of going behind our back.  Or maybe we dress a certain way so we always look nice and stylish, especially in a way where almost everything we wear flatters us and our best features. 

What I don't understand is why any girl would buy sweatpants that read something across their rear-end.  Being a girl myself and knowing many other girls, this is one dominant body part most women are either ashamed of or proud of.  The questions of, "do these pants give me a badonkadonk?" or "do the pockets make my butt look big?" pop up every so often.  Regardless of which feeling you have towards this part of your body, in neither instance should there be a word lettered across the back of you. Let's be honest -- whether you're ashamed or proud, eyeballs drifting to that part of you never create good, Catholic thoughts.  Most men aren't reading what is on your pants because they think it looks good.

I guess what bothers me the most about these pants is when women/girls wear them out in public -- even my most talked about place, the gym.  In case you didn't realize, most catalogs selling these items have them advertised in the sleepwear section.  I understand our society has lead us to going out in our pajamas at times, but not to the gym!  Do you really want to wear those clothes to the gym, wash them (hopefully) and then wear them to bed?  That's kind of gross.

Furthermore, there should be restrictions or at least a disclaimer for these pants.  At least with an age restriction, girls under 18 wouldn't be strutting their stuff in public, drawing attention to words on their ass like it is a billboard.  And just like airlines have restrictions on "buying an extra seat" - well, you do the math, maybe that should apply with these pants, too.

A male friend of mine even said that when he has seen said pants out in public, his eyes can't help to drift to whats written.  His brain automatically steers him to big, bold letters.  However, he also stated that one of these days he's going to get in a lot of trouble for staring at some underage girl's butt.  So parents, let this be a lesson -- phrases across certain parts of your daughter's body is only asking for trouble.  And girls, show some discretion -- does the phrase "PINK" or anything horizontal really flatter anything?  Just my opinion.