What to Wear to Countryfest – Cowboy Boot Sandals?
July 8th at the Schaghticoke Fairgrounds will be my very first Countryfest and I can't wait! I had the most fun possible at Taste of Country this past weekend, I just want to watch some more country music! But, what do I wear?
Anyone Wearing The “Guy Romper” To SPAC Tonight?
I'm so glad that country star Chase Rice made a very bold statement on Twitter about "guy rompers".  Gotta give the dude credit for totally keeping it real when he tweeted out this on Tuesday.  After reading it, you may not want to wear your "RompHim&quo…
RompHim: The New Clothing for Men [PHOTO]
Fashion changes and it seems like there are a few big companies, magazines, blogs that dictate what's trending and usually even if it's not my style, I still get it, this though I don't understand.
Muddy Jeans Just $425
You can't make this stuff up, and more unsettling, people will buy them. Nordstrom is selling muddy jeans for $425. Yup, I think I've seen everything.
LuLaRoe, What Am I Missing?
I love leggings. We wake up so early in the morning for the show, then sit at our desks to prep for the next day or write blogs like these, I don't want to wear tight jeans if I don't have to. I try to look for the best and I just keep seeing this name everywhere!
Would You Try This New Fashion Trend? [PICTURES]
Let's be honest for a second.
This happens all the time. A fashion trend kicks in and it's all the rage. Then, a year goes by -- or ten, and we look back at photos (which, by the way, will be EVERYWHERE due to social media in a decade) and we cringe.
But, I have to admit, this one might be t…
$300 For a Backpack? These Girls Are Nuts.
I've never been someone who "needed" a name brand. You won't find me dolled out in Gucci or Louis Vuitton - in fact, I just had to double check the spelling on both of those because I shop, like the normal, average person where my bank account allows: Target.
The Biggest Fashion Mistakes That Men Make
Sean and Richie are on vacation this week, which is really too bad, because this morning I went over a new list of fashion mistakes just for boys, according to a new study.
There is a common thread (see what I did there?) of ill fitting clothing being a problem, and Jess, Alex (the interns) and I all…
Lord and Taylor Pop Up a Store at the Track
All weekend my news feed was jammed with pictures of people at the track in beautiful Saratoga!  They were all dressed to kill, and you should be too!
Good news! Lord & Taylor will open a temporary store at the Saratoga Race Course in Saratoga Springs this racing season.

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