This is one of my all time favorite things to do - take the keyboard and go to a summer camp to record a "summer song" with kids.  I had the opportunity to do that today, and it was awesome

I visited the Southern Saratoga YMCA camp, thanks to an invite from Kim Relich, who got injured and couldn't be here today, so I never met her.  Hope she's better!    Here's the song, a tribute to all the hard working camp counselors there, with lyrics to follow

SSY Camp Kids Song

New Lyrics ©2012 Richie Phillips and YMCA Clifton Park
Parody of "YMCA" by the Village People
We're the "Y" kids and we're here right now
And who's helping? Mr Meow.   (Meeeeowww)
Mrs. Mallory will now take a bow
They're the counselors -here - to- help- us
There's others -where do we begin?
Rebecca and Hanna are twins
There's Olivia, Amanda, Kate, Matt and Molly
They - help - keep -us -jolly
woo woo woo woo woo
We're here at the SSY Camp
We're here at the SSY Camp
We come here to play Every day
And we're singing this song on 'GNA

The kids were  ready to sing about these hard working folks.   I brought the little recording do-hickey with me, and here's what the kids came up with in literally no time at all (talented little buggers that they are!)

Special thanks to ---  for having me in, and a very SPECIAL shoutout to a sponsor who is deeply committed to education and kids - Hannaford Supermarkets