We are having the time of our lives on the Sean and Richie Small Town Tour.  We've visited Hoosick Falls , Victory Mills, and a town that's gone through more than all of these put together, Schoharie.  Schuylerville will be the next stop this Friday, and I'd love to write a song with your help.  

I was once a resident of Gansevoort, which is very close to Schuylerville.  We lived up there even before the Wilton Mall was built, so I witnessed the growth in that area.  Schuylerville seems to have remained insulated from that, remaining a nice, small town which fits us perfectly

I need your information to write a theme song.  Please include any factual information, funny trivia about the town  (the traffic light has never worked, the train wakes everyone up at 2am --stuff like that) and leave all this info in the comment section at the end of this article

Screen shot Schuylerville

If you have any pictures of the town (past or present) you can email them to me at Richie@wgna.com and I will include it in the article if you give me permission.  Any pictures of children must especially have permission beforehand to include in our publication.

If you'd like to hear some of the other theme songs from my "Your Town Thursday" segment to get some ideas, be my guest.

Thanks for your help.  We look forward to meeting everyone in the town.