We gave this feature a break for the holidays, but now we are back full force.  It's Your Town Thursday, where your little corner of the earth becomes immortalized in song.  This week, it's Castleton -On-Hudson 


This is Castleton-On-Hudson.  Ok, we know where it is now.  That's not quite enough information for a song however.  Here are some of the things I would be looking for, if you would be so kind to include in the comment section:


What your town  best known for?

 Well known attractions or businesses (I can actually sneak you in a free plug!)

Funny quirks (the red light in the middle of town hasn't worked in 10 years etc)

Quick historical facts (don't get all  "Wikipedia" on me- just a few bullet points will do)

You can copy and paste this into an email and send to Richie@wgna.com, or just put the answers in the comment section!   The song will air next  Thursday's Sean and Richie Show, typically between 8:45-8:50am.  It will also be on this website on one of my blogs.


Thanks ahead of time for your help!