Chalk up another fun and rewarding experience - this time working with students in Mrs. Bushey's class at Shaker Road Elementary School in Colonie.  Some extremely talented jingle writers were on hand, so I put them to work immediately to write a Countryfest song! 

As you might have heard (arrf arrf), Countryfest 2013 is coming to the Schagticoke Fairgrounds on July 13th.  It's a star-studded lineup, featuring Sheryl Crow, Joe, Joe, Joe Diffie and the Artist Formerly Known as Hootie - Darius Rucker, plus much, much more.

I enlisted the kids from Mrs. Bushey's 4th grade class to create a little jingle that we could pop in during our live broadcast from Schagticoke.  It worked out PERFECTLY .

photo by Richie Phillips

Here's the song they came up with - a rewrite of Jason Aldean's tribute to Joe Diffie - "1994"

mp3 version (right click to download and save)


Thanks, kids for all your help, and thanks to Mrs. Bushey for having me in again.  Reading, Writing and Rhyming is brought to you by Hannaford Supermarkets, by the way. Appreciate their sponsorship!