(To be read as sweet, joyous Christmas music plays in your head)

Even as I write this there is a dusting of snow on the ground, the heat is up in the house, hot chocolate is steaming in my mug and the Hallmark Christmas movies are still playing on the tv. It feels like we may get our first real snowfall of the year and perhaps beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

(Music abruptly stops)

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Wait! We gotta drive in this tomorrow morning. Yes, there is a winter weather advisory in effect for the area and it seems that we may be dealing the brunt of it while trying to get to work and school in the morning. What does this mean? Well to be honest not too much, at last look it seems we should see 3 to 6 inches in the majority of the Capital Region and by late January that will seem like a flurry. However being the first time we are really dealing with it all this year I'm betting there will be plenty of school closings and traffic nightmares to deal with.

As you wake up we will be keeping you up to date as much as possible on the morning show but in advance, make sure you check to make sure your kid's school is open, delayed or closed. We will have a link to school information on our website and the WGNA Facebook page.

PLEASE make plans to wake up and leave a little earlier, it will be a whole lot better for everyone if you leave yourself lots of extra time to not only clean off your car in the morning as well as deal with any unexpected delays that traffic can cause.

Be safe and also be happy I haven't talked about the BITTER COLD that is coming our way at the end of the week.