It just could be this guy, Lucky Diamond Rich from Australia.  It looks to me that he holds the Guinness Book Of World Records award for most tattooed man.  This is bizarre.

We were talking this morning about tattoos and where the most painful parts of your body would be to have one.  Your feet, your head, your elbows, your thighs, and um.. a certain other spot could be the areas causing you to belt out a scream or two.  So can you imagine this guy.  According to the Guinness website, this big bag of crazy spent 1,000 hours with many, many tattoo artists and his ENTIRE BODY is covered.  I'm talking about the inside of his toes, his gums -EVERYWHERE.  He has so many that now they are putting white colored designs on top of his black ones.  Do you want to see him?  Of course!

Is that bizarre or what?

That CAN'T be good for you, can it?  Couldn't you get like ink poisoning or something from that? What's the most tattoos YOU'VE ever seen on a person?  If you can find someone with more than this, I'd love him/her to come in for an interview (and to get their head examined)