I'm really enjoying being assigned the Tech Talk segment.  You see some very practical things.  You see some very strange, odd and somewhat disturbing things.  Like what you are about to witness.  I call this "Extreme iPod Love"

So there's this guy.  His name is Dave Hurban.  He's quite the "accessorized" guy.  He's literally covered with tattoos. He is actually a tattoo artist, so I guess he uses it for promotion. That's not odd.   But what he did next is very bizarre and actually downright sickening.

He loves his iPod Nano - that tiny Apple device that stores all of your music.  It's a very neat little thing because it has switchable home screens.  So it can show your music, but it can also convert into a little watch face.

Dave loves that feature.  What he doesn't like is being constricted by a watchband.  And you guys out there will agree, it can be annoying sometimes.  Especially the stretchy type that catches your arm hairs.  So according to Ubergizmo.com he had 4 magnets implanted under his skin so he could mount this gadget onto his person.

I did not realize that he did this himself until I saw the video.  I thought he might have gone to a certified professional, but I guess he took matters into his own hands, sort of speak.

I couldn't even take a splinter out of my finger without whimpering no less try to do this.  Do you think this is a little weird?  Would you do this?  I think I know the answer, but I'm always looking for your comment.