I don't know if this is a cry for help or what, but I ...I...I'm actually at a loss for words this time.  Can you imagine tattooing all your Facebook friends on your arm?

Don't get me wrong here.  Some of my best friends and co-workers  are TAT-enhanced.  Here's Marketing Assistant Jeanette

Sometimes, however, people go a tad overboard with their TATs.  Prime example?  How about the proud members of the Dumb Tattoo Club?

I'll reserve my comments. I'd rather hear yours.  And I can't WAIT to hear what you have to say about this.  The girl with all 152 Facebook buddies on her arm!  Let's go to the videotape (not for the squeemish)

Actually, I'm thinking about this more.  We here at WGNA have decided that we will all volunteer to have all of WGNA's fans tattooed  on our bodies.  I'll start with last names that begin with A-C.   Sean will take D-E.  Jeff will do F - J (he can fit more) .  (Hey, he busts on my age all the time.  It's payback time!) .

But since WGNA has almost 30,000 fans, this may be a little tough.  But if we could, we would.