17-year old Tyler Hadley, of St. Lucie, Florida, is looking more and more like the only suspect in the murders of his parents -- Mary Jo and Blake Hadley.  Supposedly, the teenager viciously killed his parents with a hammer Saturday afternoon and then proceeded to have a huge party at their home, while the bodies became cold in the master bedroom.  The worse part -- Hadley possibly planned the murders out with enough time to make it premeditated murder.

Hadley's friend, "MM" (as known to the papers) spoke to Hadley Saturday afternoon claiming he had actually gone through with the murders and was throwing a party.  "MM" dismissed the declaration because Hadley had stated times prior that he wanted to kill his parents.  It wasn't until "MM" got to the party and Hadley pulled him aside that he started to believe something was very wrong. 

According to "MM," Hadley reaccounted the day and how he killed them by first hiding their cell phones, killing his mother first and then killing his father.  When "MM" questioned the reality of the statement, Hadley pointed to both of his parents' parked cars in the driveway.  Hadley also stated he was going to take painkillers the next day to carry through with suicide.

Disturbing, right?  I couldn't even imagine what would drive someone to murder their parents, let alone plan it in the fashion this "boy" did.  I use the word "boy" loosely because as it turns out, despite Tyler's age, prosecutors plan to charge him as an adult with both murders. 

What do you think of this horrific crime?  When you first heard about it, did it ring a bell to a similar story that happened right here in the Capital Region?  It did for me!