Ax Murder Takes Place In Saratoga County, Husband Arrested
Sherry Norton's body was discovered on Wednesday, May 3rd at her Hadley home. The cause of death, according to an autopsy was by blunt trauma which is believed to be an ax to the back of her head. An absolutely horrific way to go and the alleged attacker is said to be her husband, Michael Norto…
CBS Set to Air JonBenet Documentary – I Think the Brother Did It
20 years ago, I was just 12-years old. I can remember the news reports though the day of after Christmas in 1996. It seemed to blow up in the media almost immediately, which given the lack of Hollywood stardom seemed a little peculiar but given the age of little JonBenet, maybe it wasn't so str…
Albany Stabbing Leaves One Dead
A violent and deadly story has broken this afternoon in Albany. Details are few at this time and will coming as the investigation continues into an Albany stabbing this afternoon.

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