We've always had decent sized canines (with the exception of our cocker spaniel, Mel.) .  This is the first time we took a chance on a diminutive model - a Pekingese named Spencer.  I'll never go back.  Here's 5 reasons why. 

5. Little dogs scare big dogs MORE than big dogs scare big dogs.   No? Ask the golden retriever next door!
4.  Little dogs are too vertically challenged to reach the chair, no less the  dinner table.  Win!
photo by Richie Phillips
3. Tea spooned sized #1's and tootsie roll sized #2's  (no photos available, for good reason)
2. How do you define long vigorous walk? To the end of the driveway and back

And the number one reason to have a small dog? Come on – look at that face. Do you really need another reason?

photo by Richie